8 Effortless Ways to Free Your Body From Stress and Pain


Studies say that stress may cause around 50 negative health effects, affecting a person’s mental and physical condition. Each one of us feels sleepy, exhausted, and overly emotional for no reason from time to time. It turns out the reason might be stress.

We at HEALTHY TODAY care about the emotional and physical condition of our readers. So, we have collected helpful exercises that will help you to both get rid of the physical pain caused by stress and prevent the stress in the first place.

What can you do to quickly get rid of physical pain?

1. Foot massage for lower back pain

The practice of stimulating the specific zones of the legs and hands to relieve pain is called reflexology. Scholars argue about the effectiveness of reflexology. However, several studies confirm that reflexology helps in relieving body pain caused by stress.

Research shows that stimulating particular areas on the foot helps reveal chronic back pain even better than an ordinary massage.

Massage process:

Begin with dropping a bit of body oil onto your foot. Then, start moving your thumbs from your heel to your toes, concentrating on the arch. Move your thumbs repeatedly this way for several minutes.